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placed order # 95939000000823 with on 15-Jan-2016. Phone number - 9711784963

Delivery was expected within 7 to 8 working days as telephonic confirmation with customer relations before making payment on 15-Jan-2016.

Till today they have been giving reasons and stories for non dispatch with no results. I wanted to gift this product to some one on 14th Feb and all plans are ruined.

1) I send couple of emails to and there is no response. Called them back on 27 Jan 2016 at 18:07 hrs and spoke with Mr. Ashad and it is understood that server is down and they can not see the status of order and hence he asked me to call back after 18:30.

2) When I called back at 19:15 there was another person and as per him "order status can only be viewed before 18:30 so he can not do any thing, but he will make sure that he will call me to confim order status by on 28-01-16 before 11:00 hrs".

3) There was no call received, hence I called them back on 28-01-16 at 14:35 hrs and luckily someone picked call. This time customer support was unable to tell be status so he transferred line to Manager Mr. Rohit. As per Rohit "they accepted order without any inventory. When they received inventory it was not as per requirement and hence they sent it back." Per Rohit "they were expecting fresh inventory to be delivered by end of day 28-01-16 and he will make sure that I will received dispatch details by end of day 28-01-16 or on 29-01-16 and share dispatch details asap". Till date 01-02-16 there is no response for shopefun for emails or phones.

4) Trying to call them since morning on 01-02-16 but I could get them on call only after 5 attempts. Person on phone was Mr.. Asad again and as per him product ordered is not available and I should have received email (which I never received). I asked him if I can speak with Mr. Rohit and it is understood that Mr. Asad is the only person available to repond. Further Mr. Asad confirmed over phone that "order dispatch details will be communicated to me by 16:00 hrs today and additionally he will call call me". I also warned him stating that if order is not dispatched today I will be taking legal action.

5) No response from Shopefun until 7 pm and I called them back. This time again I had Mr. Abhi online and he did confirmed that order is dispatched by DTDC courier but he do not have tracking details as admin is logged out and he could not access details”. Further he mentioned that “He will be working on the first shift on 02-02-16 and will call back to me by 11:00 am to confirm DTDC courier tracking details”.

6) On 02-02-16 response was awaited by 11:00 hours but there was no response upto 12:30. Upon calling Shopefun (9711784963) spoke with Mr. Asad and he shared DTDC tracking number Z3450262 which could be tracked over internet only after 20:00 hours. Per him I should have received email from shopefun but there was no such communication. I gave my personal mobile number so that he can send me sms with tracking details. NOTHING received so far.

On same day evening at 18:00 hours called back to Shopefun and spoke with Mr. Abhi who confirmed that “order is already dispatched and should be delivered before Saturday. Though he could not provide any tracking details of courier.

Send email to remind that I am still waiting for dispatch details and there is no response as of date.

7) Called back shopefun on 03-02-16 and spoke with Asad and it is understood that “product dispatched was for some other customer and my order will be dispatched only on Friday. They have received product from US late due to 26th January restrictions from customs. Insurance is pending for imported product and once it is done defiantly product will be dispatched on Friday and will be delivered on Monday. At the same time send another email for followup.

8) Email was replied on 04-02-16 with no conclusion. Response was full of regret and apologies for not delivering product.

9) Call back to them on 05-02-16 at 10:15 hrs and spoke with Rahul. It is understood that Rahul could not view dispatch details as he is not admin and his shift will end at 10:30. He further confirmed that he will ask admin user to call me back without fail.

10) 08-02-16 at 12:00 spoke with Ashd wherein he confirmed that stock is now available and will be delived without fail by coming Saturday 13-Feb-2016.

11) 09-02-16 at 17:30 hours spoke with Saurabh and it is confirmed by Saurabh that order will be dispatched by today or latest by tomorrow morning by 11:00 am and dispatch details will be shared with me.

12) on 10-02-15 Spoke with Amit and it is understood that product is not available and will be dispatched only next week. Spoke with supervisor Rohit and he also mentioned that products are not available as of now. Previous products received were not suitable and new products are expected during next week.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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New Delhi, Delhi, India #1112611

same here,

placed order # 95939000000822 with on 15-Jan-2016. Phone number - 9711784963

I am yet to receive my product/ refund.

The phone is also switched off.

The are fakesters.

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